North West Computer Museum

Northwest Computer Museum will bring old and new technology to the community. It will have a full computer museum with usable exhibits from the 1970s to date and workshops to help train people from young to the old in the usage of retro computers, different programming languages and programming of electronic boards such as Arduino/Raspberry PI Boards to design electronic projects. Also we will help and supple the tools to use the internet safer. From the understanding of old computers from the 70s to date, people will be able to use and learn how to program and use. This will give communities the understanding of computing from the past to date and the use of future technology, like the Microsoft Hololense. Importantly, the museum will be an interactive museum and always developing. As technology grows and change, so will the museum.

Keeping Technology Moving Forward


The museum will have a Virtual Reality suite, this will allow people to experience the world of Virtual reality and Mixed Reality. Also looking to helping people to design videos and applications in VR.



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